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Previous Retreats

Healing wellness retreats offer profound benefits, providing participants with a sanctuary to rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul. I am incredibly grateful to all those who joined these transformative journeys, as together we have discovered the power of self-care and the path to lasting inner peace and well-being.

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St. George, UT 2023

This retreat was nestled in the heart of the sacred red rock in southern Utah. Every ceremony (cacao, kava, mustang medicine, hape, drum circle, ayurveda) was themed around the 4 elements and honoring the Earth. 

Alajuela, CR 2022

This retreat provided experiences for profound understanding and shifts in embodying sacred joy, rage, power, connection & authenticity. We moved through the Chakra system from the root to the crown each day and participated in adventure, animals, hot yoga, journaling, ceremony & sisterhood. 

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Eden, UT 2021

Fall in the beautiful mountains of Northern Utah was the setting for the participants in this retreat to join in hiking, chinese tea ceremony, ayurvedic food, Buti yoga, fire ceremony, shamanic releasing practices, paddleboarding and so much more!

Costa Rica 2019

Themed around hot yoga, meditation and psychic development. This retreat was held at the amazing and hospitable Pura Vida in the Alajuela mountains. Focusing on deep surrender with Yin Yoga and a curriculum similar to Joe Dispenza, manifesting and learning about the possibilities in the quantum participants experienced life changing shifts in perspective and are still in touch with each other today. 


Lehi, UT 2022

Coming at the perfect time after the busyness of the holidays and winter blues this retreat had elements of deep self reflection and self care, sensory deprivation in float tanks, meditation, rose ceremony and journaling. It was an incredible time of digging deep for compassion and gentleness and self regeneration.

Southern Utah, 2023

We called this our emergency retreat to the river. Planned with a shorter runway and upon request for a powerful outdoor experience with self discover and physical challenge. The medicine provided at this experience allowed all who attended to shift deep patterns of trauma and self sabatoge. 

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