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I simply can't say enough about Crystal's amazing yoga skills and her rare ability to help people heal. I have worked with Crystal in group settings and one-on-one, and I can honestly say she isn't a typical yoga teacher. She absolutely has a gift for helping people with a wide range of ailments - physically, mentally, and emotionally. In my experience, what she does is quite unique. I suffer from several chronic conditions that are often debilitating, and the skills and knowledge Crystal has shared with me have been game changers. I began working with her as a yoga novice, and she helped me feel very comfortable and was able to tailor her instruction so perfectly for my needs. I have put many of her teachings into practice on a daily basis. She has such a unique ability to help others re-center and feel more grounded. I will continue to use her services for years to come!



Marketing Relations, Business Owner


One of the most sacred experiences I have had was training under Crystal for Reiki one and Reiki two.I can’t fully put into words how truly incredible and precious my time with Crystal was. felt so supported, so loved and so prepared to practice. She has a gift for holding space.She is a master teacher. She is incredibly intuitive.I cannot recommend her Reiki trainings enough. What a gift Crystal is.



Yoga Teacher Trainer, Reiki Practitioner, Kundalini, Retreat Facilitator

Crystal has been an intricate part in my journey of personal growth and self discovery. I met Crystal in 2018, and was astonished at her achievements and accolades. But what stood out most was her countenance. She shined from the inside out. As I came to desire more expansion and growth for myself, I often sought out Crystal for advice. Never did she try to sway me to work with her or try any one specific path. She’s always just supported me.
The time came that I took the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and was so happy to see that Crystal would be our anatomy instructor for the course. I knew that Crystal knew her anatomy, but the way she was able to correlate the physical with the etheric body was seamless. She has such a divers knowledge of such an expansive field.
Soon after my yoga training, I decided to receive my Reiki attunements through Crystal. The course was simple and full of so much practical and spiritual teachings on how to heal your loved ones and yourself as well as mediations to help you connect deeper to yourself. Since receiving my attunement and performing Reiki upon myself almost daily for 3 weeks now, I have noticed so much less anxiety throughout my day, more clarity about my thoughts, more understanding of myself, and more being present and in the moment. Reiki has been such a healing tool for me and my mental health. I’m so grateful for Crystal, for her wisdom, and for her light. Anyone would benefit to have Crystal in their lives, whether as an instructor, a healer or a friend. You will grow regardless.



Mom, Coach, Creator, Reiki Practitioner

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