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I simply can't say enough about Crystal's amazing yoga skills and her rare ability to help people heal. I have worked with Crystal in group settings and one-on-one, and I can honestly say she isn't a typical yoga teacher. She absolutely has a gift for helping people with a wide range of ailments - physically, mentally, and emotionally. In my experience, what she does is quite unique. I suffer from several chronic conditions that are often debilitating, and the skills and knowledge Crystal has shared with me have been game changers. I began working with her as a yoga novice, and she helped me feel very comfortable and was able to tailor her instruction so perfectly for my needs. I have put many of her teachings into practice on a daily basis. She has such a unique ability to help others re-center and feel more grounded. I will continue to use her services for years to come!


In our teacher trainings, Crystal was supportive, instructive, down to earth, and upbeat. She helped me with my questions and adapted to my  interests and needs, exploring the subject matter with me. Crystal gave great feedback and created a positive atmosphere for growth. I loved learning yoga history and anatomy in Crystal's teacher training program. she built my confidence and prepared me well to be a yoga teacher. I enjoyed learning from her and definitely plan to continue learning form her!


I've known Crystal for a long time and as a beginner yoga person she made me feel SOO comfortable. I wasn't nervous or embarrassed because of my skill level She is so personable and really works with everyone at their level with no judgement.

The exercises we did were very clear and I came away with a new appreciation for my body and for meditation. You can really tell that Crystal has a passion for this work and she is extremely good at it.


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