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Antelope Canyon
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Mother Earth Healing

 Sept 14-17th Thursday 6pm-Sunday 10am

Abigail and Crystal are coming together again this fall, in the season of transformation, self care, and letting go to hold space at a retreat located in the beautiful red rock of southern utah during the new moon. This Retreat is themed around the four directions. Air, Fire, Water, Earth. Read more below about the activities we have planned for you!


They are planning to share powerful practices with you that will provide healing, help you explore more about who you truly are, take you on adventures, provide tea, kava and fire ceremonies and have gnostic experiences with healing, integration and sisterhood, practice skills that create sustainable access to your power, and of course share their love, friendship, genuine support, fun personalities and laughter with you all weekend! 

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Each day will include various practices of yoga to unlock peace, health, serenity, and connection with your inner self and feel the safety of the Mother.  Physical movement- somatic exercises are imperative to connecting your whole self in mind, body, spirit coherence. As you learn to receive messages from the body and explore your internal landscape you build a relationship of trust with yourself and begin outsourcing less and listening to your inner wisdom more!  Experience the power of Vinyasa, the surrender of Yin, the connections with Ujayi Breath, and the relaxation and brain upregulating processes of Yoga Nidra.


Move energy and release blockages with powerful Kundalini yoga meditations each morning. Kundalini Yoga, or the yoga of awareness, will help you work through the various systems of your body as you develop a deeper understanding and communication with your inner and most divine self. This practice works on your 10 energetic bodies to balance the information coming into your energetic field dictations how your DNA expresses itself. Everything happens to us in our energetic field first before our physical reality.

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A deeply-immersive, full-body listening experience that intentionally uses sound to invite gentle yet powerful therapeutic and restorative processes to nurture your mind and body. Sound healing rejuvenates the body with deep vibrational frequencies used to promote healing and create deep states of well-being and relaxation balancing your chakra system and helping energy flow. We'll experience crystal sound bowls, tibetan sound bowls, chimes, gongs, shakers, rain drums, tuning forks and more.


Sound Therapy



Enjoy the amazing views and depth in the southern Utah red rock territory while grounding and listening to the sounds of nature. Experience the change of the season as a subtle lesson in our constant evolution of letting go and recreating ourselves. Hiking will be moderate 2-4 hours, finding a lovely spot to stop, meditate and eat lunch or have tea ceremony. We will accommodate all hiking levels and needs. Nature is therapy to the soul. 

Yin Yoga & Kava Ceremony

Yin Yoga is about doing less and staying longer. It's a beautiful practice in rest, restore and non- eactivity. Targeting the fascia and creating space to heal physical and emotional wounds. We will accompany this practice with an optional Kava Ceremony beforehand where we sit in a circle of friendship and sharing. Kavea comes from the ground roots of the plant Piper methysticum, a member of the pepper family and is native to the South Pacific. Kava is best known for its relaxing qualities. Kava is said to elevate mood, well being, and contentment, and produce a feeling of relaxation


Tea Ceremony

Mustang Medicine Ceremony

We will travel to the ranch and have an experience with Hugh Vail (the barefoot cowboy) where he uses his relationship with his horses to demonstrate powerful lessons about regulating the body's nervous system and how we can "develop emotional intelligence to understand our emotions as messengers that help guide us to connect to the kingdom of God within us."

He teaches the opposite of fight, flight & freeze is willful surrender, inner stillness and flow and instead of attachments we can make connections, instead of commitments we get to choose. We have had profound experiences with Hugh and consider him a true friend. We can't wait for you to meet him!


Tea ceremony is more than just the practice of preparing, serving and drinking tea. It is the practice of making time to live in a way that reflects and embodies the spirit of tea. Each movement of the tea ceremony is rich with meaning. It is a moving meditation. This potent elixir made of nature itself invites contemplation, stillness, and simply being. The spirit of tea, especially in the space of the beautiful tea ceremony, can inspire and sustain us with her ancient, enduring wisdom.

Breath Ceremony

Breath ceremonies utilize your own body's innate intelligence and respiratory system to flood your cells with pranayama (oxygen). You can experience profound revelations, trauma releases, grounding and a returning to yourself using this technique. Amy is one of the most beautiful humans I've ever met and we trust her completely in using her divine gift for seeing you in loving kindness, moving energy, holding space and facilitating this ceremony. 

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This beautiful, brand new luxury home includes 6 suites and flexible sleeping options. The rooftop terrace provides 360 views of the surrounding landscapes and gives you the opportunity to soak in the reach scenery. Just a 30 minute drive to Zion National Park, this stand alone home with Private Pool and built in Hot Tub will exceed your every expectation.

The main level of the home features a large open concept living, dining and kitchen area somewhere that the entire group can come together and enjoy each others company. When it is time to retreat each bedroom has its own bathroom providing privacy and a comfortable setting to enjoy some rest and relaxation.

Drum Making

Native American tribes have been playing drums for centuries in celebratory gatherings & religious ceremonies and spiritual festivals. These instruments are a way to connect to the spiritual world. Tribes believed that the sound represents a human’s heartbeat and the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The rhythm created from your drum is the foundation of song and prayer. It accompanies the circles’ dancers and singers, who are communicating with spirits to promote healing, preparation, praise or gratitude. It brings people together and promotes respect, service and joy.

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An ayurvedic diet is a seasonal eating pattern that’s personalized to your body’s needs and constitution (or in Sanskrit your "dosha") to create better energy and balance. It’s part of ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine from India. Eating this way puts you in touch with the seasons, and culminates into a sumptuous relationship with nature. The first night Abigail will be leading us through a questionnaire to discover your personal dohsa and ayurvedic reading.

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