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Reflect & Renew Day Retreat

Saturday March 11, 2023
$333 Venmo Crystal & Megan @healingyogaretreats

Megan and Crystal have come together this winter, in the season of reflection and self care to hold space at a day retreat hosted at the beautiful Brick Canvas in Lehi.

They are planning to share powerful practices that will provide a shift in perspective, personal healing, and help you explore your inward landscape for answers and support and of course share their love, friendship, genuine support, fun personalities and laughter with you! Read Below for activities.


Vinyasa & Yin Yoga

We will have an all levels vinyasa flow this day. In the evening we will practice restorative Yin Yoga. This is a special practice that heals and hydrates your fascia, releases old memories and thought patterns that no longer serve you and tones your nervous system. We hold poses longer and use gentle props and positions to support creating space in your body


Move energy and release stress with a powerful Kundalini yoga practices. Kundalini Yoga, or the yoga of awareness, will help work through the various systems of the body as you develop a deeper understanding and communication with your inner and most divine self.   


Float Spa

We are so lucky we'll be able to attend True Rest Float Spa and participate in a salt water deprivation tank experience, have tea, oxygen bar and salt wall. This therapy is said to relieve so much stress and help you reach depths in your subconscious that can integrate and facilitate true healing. 


Journaling is a healing modality. It can help you clarify your thoughts and feelings. Keeping a journal allows you to track patterns, trends and improvements over time. It can help your injuries heal faster and improve your problem-solving skill. Most importantly it can help you recover from traumatic experiences. We will teach a journaling workshop and gift you with a journal to practice with.

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Sound Bath

A deeply-immersive, full-body listening experience that intentionally uses sound to invite gentle yet powerful therapeutic and restorative processes to nurture your mind and body. Sound healing rejuvenates the body with deep vibrational frequencies used to promote healing and create deep states of well-being and relaxation.

Image by Edward Howell

Rose Ceremony

Provided by Ravi

Ravi is one of our dearest friends. This is what she has to say about this ceremony. "Roses hold one of the highest vibrations on the planet. They help clear blockages in the aura. The wisdom of the Rose has been my mirror the past couple of years. Each ceremony taking me and the participants deeper into the cosmic womb."

Dinner Provided

We'll have nourishing food provided for dinner from Aubergine so all options will be available to you based on your dietary needs. Dine, laugh, share and be with us on this beautiful restorative day. We love you and want to provide a space of friendship, safety and support as we move towards the spring equinox this week beginning a new chapter and a new way of being from fully integrating our learning, insights and self reflection from the winter season.


Tea Ceremony

Provided by Abigail Atkinson

Tea ceremony is more than just the practice of preparing, serving and drinking tea. It is the practice of making time to live in a way that reflects and embodies the spirit of tea. Each movement of the tea ceremony is rich with meaning. It is a moving meditation. This potent elixir made of nature itself invites contemplation, stillness, and simply being. The spirit of tea, especially in the space of the beautiful tea ceremony, can inspire and sustain us with her ancient, enduring wisdom.

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108.Meditate Gift Boxes

At the end of our day together we want you to feel a sense of wholeness and sovereignty and be filled with gratitude, abundance and love. We want you to be taken care of, supported and truly witnessed. We also want to make sure you have something to take home to remember to continue to integrate and renew yourself. You'll receive one of these beautifully crafted $100 gift boxes from 108.Meditate for tranquility and rest. They put together monthly packages with products, education and experiences for spiritual practices you can tap into when you feel called to them!

Click here to learn more about 108.Meditate



In the heart of Thanksgiving Point lies a beautiful event space secret—Brick Canvas, a gorgeous facility designed to offer extraordinary services, including the perfect place for your special event. The loft and upstairs rooms are perfect for our retreat, dining and meditation needs. 


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