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Crystal Zinn has a gift to make anatomy, a topic that can seriously be boring during yoga teacher trainings, interesting. But she not only does she make it interesting, she leaves her students fascinated and in awe of their own bodies and the innate intelligence and wisdom within the human anatomy. If anatomy has been an elusive topic for you to study, try learning it from Crystal, her enthusiasm and knowledge will definitely leave you changed on the subject.


Owner Inner Peace Yoga School

Crystal’s anatomy curriculum added more depth to my yoga teacher training and changed the way I see yogis and their individual poses. She taught me everything I needed to know to be a successful and safe teacher. I learned everything from breathing to bones. I couldn’t recommend her enough!


Yoga Teacher, Anatomy and Physical Therapy Student

I have had the opportunity to learn from Crystal in three Yoga Teacher Trainings now. I constantly try to glean from all that Crystal knows. Her knowledge of the human body is impressive to say the least.She makes learning accessible, and so fun. She is quick on her feet. She allows for students to think, ponder and ask questions. So grateful for the chance I have had to learn from the amazing Crystal Zinn!



Yoga Teacher Trainer, Reiki Practitioner, Retreat Facilitator

Crystal's anatomy course is an absolute must for any teacher or student! It showed me the truthfulness of individuality, that every person's body is different outside and in. She not only helps you to see the asana, but helps you see the individual in the asana. Her course is so enthralling and leaves you wanting to know more. From the science behind yoga, to tips and tricks to help you succeed in YOUR body, Crystal guides you to a greater understanding of what it means to move.



Yoga Teacher, Anatomy Assistant

In our teacher trainings, Crystal was supportive, instructive, down to earth, and upbeat. She helped me with my questions and adapted to my interests and needs, exploring the subject matter with me. Crystal gave great feedback and created a positive atmosphere for growth. I loved learning yoga history and anatomy in Crystal's teacher training program. she built my confidence and prepared me well to be a yoga teacher. I enjoyed learning from her and definitely plan to continue learning from her!


Mom, Yoga & Zumba Teacher

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