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Anatomy Teacher Training

Yoga Schools curently offering crystal zinn anatomy courses. Click here for dates and prices: 
Inner Peace Yoga                  
Ivy Standard Yoga 


Yoga Anatomy Courses

Courses are offered in person with a slide show, anatomy manual and hands on demonstrations for an hourly rate. It can also be offered as a separate anatomy course or part of your Yoga Teacher Training program for anatomy hours.


Online Yoga Teacher Training

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Level 1 Online Teacher Training


200 hours of comprehensive knowledge:

Ashtanga Primary Series

Power Yoga Poses

Vinyasa Sequencing


Meditation & Breath Work

Yoga Philosophy

Private and Group Class Training

Evaluations & Feedback

*You will receive online texts and resources from me to complete this course and have a number of assignments that consist of readings, yoga practices, meditations & teaching experience. We accomplish this via email and video chat.                             


*I am currently rewriting this curriculum to include more materials & reordering lessons to help deepen your understanding of the material to enhance your ability to teach confidently! You can click here or on the purchase link to request more information.

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"I believe that a strong yoga teacher is a person who has had profound experiences with the practice, a love for learning and a desire to share their talents to benefit others."