Essential Oils & Aromatherapy for Yoga

Essential oils are a great idea for added benefit in your yoga practice. They can enhance your experience, healing and health when used correctly. It is important to use the highest quality organic  oils to ensure maximum delivery and safety. I use oils from Purify Skin Therapy in my yoga practice.

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Essential Oils       & Yoga

I use essential oils in my classes to enhance the experience. The quickest way to deliver aromatherapy to the brain is through the olfactory nerve (the nose). When we breathe deeper and more freely in yoga practice it is a prime opportunity to add in the balancing and healing elements of essential oils. I only use organic certified oils because they are concentrated and it is super important to know exactly what you are putting in your body. 

A Few of my favorite tips for yoga class:

1. When creating a flow to target specific chakras I use Purify's Chakra oil that correlates to that area of the body.

2. I like to place a drop of oil in the students palm and ask them to rub their hands together, cup their nose and take deep breaths. Beginning or end of class.

3. I apply one drop of essential oil on the bottom of the students feet at the end of class during adjustments.

4. Most importantly I always ask for permission and give them an easy way to opt out by placing their hand palm down. 

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